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Matcha green tea Japan 40gr

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Latin Name: Camelia Sinensis
In stock
Latin Name: Camelia Sinensis
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Fine green tea powder from Gyokuro leaves. It’s the central element of the Japanese tea ceremony. The first young leaves of spring are collected, steamed instantly, air dried and after removing the stems they are stone ground to become powder.


  • Gourmet cooking
  • Pastry cooking
  • Non Alcoholic beverages
Latin Name:
Camelia Sinensis
Products form:
Taste characteristic:
  • Characteristic taste


Basic instruction for the proper preparation of Matcha tea is that the tea should not be boiled.

There are special tools and utensils for the preparation of this tea. You will need a Japanese stirrer, a bamboo matcha spoon, and a mug.

Heat the water to about 70 °C (you can also heat the cup you use). Inside the cup, pour the Matcha powder and add water then mix it with the special stirrer.

The water you will use should be clean, chlorine-free, filtered or bottled to highlight the true taste of the tea we have chosen.

For a 100-150ml cup of water you need 3-4 grams of tea.

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